Nectar and Nurture DOULA Support

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Thank you for inquiring about Nectar & Nurture Doula Support. As I have been passionate professional and purposeful in the prenatal yoga world for over 15 years. The role of a doula is a special privilege. The passage is to provide support in different phases of mommas experience. I am so honored to be of service.

I am momma of 2, an Ayurvedic (Fertility, Birth and Postpartum) Doula, a Reiki Master, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and owner/operator of a Registered Prenatal Yoga School as well as a proud member of The "International Childbirth Education Association" ICEA- providing CEs for Doulas. Birthworkers, Yoga Teachers who specialze in Fertiltiy and Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga. I offer "Natural Mystic Reiki Training for Birthworkers, Doulas, Perinatal Workers, and Healers" Please Inquire. I am also offering "Virtual and Self Paced- "Nectar & Nurture -Ayurvedic Approaches to Fertility and Perinatal Periods." with 12 CEs/ CEUs.

Fertility Doula is a trained and compassionate professional who provides preconception support to individuals and partners as they follow their path to parenthood. Using Ayurvedic tools and protocals.

Prenatal Doula Support - being the understanding, the ear, offering the heart, holding space for mommas intuition to flourish.

Labor Doula Support - the cozy hug, the sense and loving guide for the laboring woman and her partner- so the laboring woman is more likely to achieve the birth she desires.

Post Partum Doulas - the space creator, the confirmation and most amazing help a new momma could ask for. Caring beyond baby, giving support for Momma and the new family.

• Benefits for Momma and Baby:
• Shorter labors Fewer complications
• Reduction in Cesarean rate
• Less stress for momma so less stress for baby
• Less use of pain medication and epidurals
• Greater satisfaction with the birth experience
• Babies experience a shorter hospital stay
• Baby and momma bond easier
• Breastfeed more easily
• Bliss​​

Post Partum - additional 3 hours follow up visit. Ayurvedic support,Natural Mystic gifts for you and baby.

Post Partum Care Add on- starting a few days after baby is born up to 6 weeks.

Post Partum doulas are the most amazing help you could ask for as a new mom. Not just caring for your baby – but true support for YOU and you new family. I bring you Ayurvedic nourishing snacks, and a homemade meal, supporting tea blend and Natural Mystics Organic Postpartum products. I help you around the house and can even caring for the baby so you can get some rest. I can come twice for a long duration of time (5 hours max each visit) used within the 6 weeks.

I can help answer your questions about baby care, or just keep you company and offer support and love. Post Partum doulas make sure ALL of your needs are met so you can be the best momma for your baby. As your postpartum doula, I can come to your home, scheduled day or night, and do whatever you feel needs to be done so you are confident and cared for. For example, figuring out strategies to get off to a great beginning with your newborn. I am happy to hold your sweet baby while you take a shower or a nap, go for a walk, and feel like a person again. Rather than push one parenting style or philosophy, I would love to help you figure out what is right for you and your family and help you implement it. ​

*Please note- I charge a $50 consultation fee that can be used toward any package. Please inquire about my rate.

Some of the methods of support I work with are:

• Childbirth Education
• Reiki Healing
• Pendulim
• Oracle/Tarot and Self Care Cards
• Yoga Ball
• Yoga Asana
• Breath Work/Pranayama
• Tried and True Comfort Measures
• Birth Plan preparation/modification
• Crystals
• Guided Meditation /Mindfulness
• Chakra Work
• Therapeutics
• Affirmations/Mantra
• Ayurveda
• Holistic Wellness
• Informational Support
• Education
• Natural Mystics
• Essential Oils
• More