If you're still undecided, just take a look at what some of our clients are saying

I was new to Reiki, a little apprehensive, but Ryah totally made me comfortable and the experience was incredible.  My whole week felt more relaxed.  Just go in with an open mind.  You're in great hands!

Brian Valachovic

Ryah has powerful and beautiful energy that I feel during my Reiki sessions with her. She is highly intuitive and her Oracle card readings are always spot on. She helped me to get through extremely stressful part of my life when I lost my mother. Thank you Ryah!

HopeWell Reiki 

I met Ryah when searching Yoga Alliance for CE credits to put towards my 200 YTT certification. Out of the 1000’s of teacher’s profiles, courses and options I landed on wanting to learn more about Prenatal Yoga (given my desire to eventually start a family) and found Nectar & Nurture. I reached out regarding questions for the course and received a prompt friendly response and immediately decided to move forward. Long story short, best decision ever! Ryah’s teaching approach is extremely organized, educational, authentic and fun! She makes sure the content is interactive, opens up to group discussions, and goes at a pace where all attendees feel welcomed, seen and supported. Ryah asks questions and takes time to make sure key landing points are understood, and anything that she may not know the answer too immediately provides some research and a response to the next time you connect. Speaking of connection, and how some things are, “just meant to be”, we found out half way through the course that over 10+ years ago my Mother actually attended some of Ryah’s yoga classes in New Jersey! I enjoyed the Prenatal courses so much about a year later I decided to explore more of my YIN practice and also took courses with Ryah on this modality. She is truly a wonderful energy, profound soul and I am grateful to be able to call her my teacher.

Nicole Regina

Ryah is absolutely lovely and clearly very knowledgeable. Was a pleasure to share energy with her and complete my 30-hour Yin qualification. She gives you all the tools you need, but the door is always open if you need support. Friendly, approachable, and very experienced - a true pleasure! I highly recommend you connect with her, and certainly consider her if you are looking for your own developmentr.

Liz Jones

Ryah's years of experience, intuition and ability to drop into the present moment are priceless. My sessions with her always have me leaving lighter than when I arrived. If you've never had a reiki session or if you've had many, I highly recommend her.

Lauren O'

My spiritual and emotional journey through out my life has been up and down, and inconsistent. I’ve craved peace and healing in that arena. I decided to give Ryah a call and learn about the benefits of Reiki. Ryah is kind, relatable, patient and extremely intelligent when it comes to a person’s overall wellness. Reiki, along with Ryah’s guidance, has wholeheartedly changed me for the better. I look forward to completing Reiki II under her supervision. Ryah is also skilled and certified in other forms of natural care and wellness. Don’t hesitate in reaching out to her. 

Erica A W.

Class was great! Your warmth and passion you show towards everyone is such a great example to carry into my new Reiki lifestyle. I am ready to take it to the next level. I can not wait to get together again. 

Debbie H

This was a truly amazing and organized program. I felt supported and came out of the program feeling knowledgable and confident.  

Kate Gonzalez

One of the best TT:) Very organized and helpful course. I loved the entire experience!

Kyoko O'Malley

Such a nurturing and inclusive TT and so perfectly balanced with independent tasks and interdependent learning, so happy I was able to access the course Online and the recorded footage from home, as I am in Australia and It was held in the USA. Ryah was available every step of the way, and super helpful and considerate in ensuring I got to meet my deadline with Yogaalliance for my CE. The books recommended are amazing and super helpful and another addition is serving my higher purpose. So greatfull for having chosen this course and Ryah Dekis which whom I will definitely choose again in the future for my CE. So much love ❤️

Marta Fjellheim

After researching Reiki online for over a year, I found Ryah. My background was in corporate business and now in the service industry. I had an interest in learning more about Reiki and Ryah guided me through my Level 1 Reiki training. My goal was to use energy to first heal myself and also those around me.
First, Ryah radiates such a positive, healing energy and that was apparent when I met her. Second, she is an expert in so many types of energy fields and is willing and happy to share her knowledge. This makes her a superstar teacher and person. Since going through my training, my energy and spirit has never in my life been in a better place. I can never thank her enough for this. She is so caring and nurturing in her practice and my experience with her will be part of me forever. I give her my highest recommendation for anybody who wants to learn more about energy or become a Reiki practitioner or those who might use energy work in their everyday lives. THANK YOU, RYAH!  

Jeremy R